*wraps around significant other’s body* this is my home! this is where i live!


last week, i had the ultimate pleasure of relaxing for a hot minute to thumb through the most recent issue of ny mag. it includes a mind-blowing editorial, which combines stills from classic movies with of-the-moment runway pieces. my favorite image features judy garland in the wizard of oz, 1939) wearing boots by saint laurent (2014).





Hey, as I have already announced I’m doing a giveaway to celebrate autumn with my dear followers. So I bought lots of things to get you through the cozy season. The giveaway includes: 

Maple leaf shaped candles 
Caramel scented candles
Animal shaped cookie cutters (including a snail, a hedgehog, a bear, a fox and a huge moose)
A bag of cinnamon rolls 
A caramel chocolate bar 
A coffee chocolate bar 

A cinnamon chocolate bar 
Two cinnamon bath salts 
One honey almond bath salt
One chocolate cranberry bath salt
A chocolate bath bomb 
Cinnamon body wash
Cinnamon body lotion 
Milk and honey face mask 
Apple and cinnamon body scrub 
Honey almond body lotion 
A cute little coca cola ice bear

Here are the rules

- You must be following me (or my personal blog)
- You can reblog this as often as you like but please be considerate of your followers. 
- Likes count too. 
- You must be willing to give me your address.
- You shouldn’t be allergic to cinnamon haha 
- No giveaway blogs

I will ship anywhere! This giveaway ends on October 21st. Good luck! 

Only one more week! 

4 days left! 

today’s look #nomorepage3

yesterday’s “I finished my first day of work and didn’t die - yay” #selfie #sorryformyface #gpoy

wahhh I start work tomorrow and I’m feeling really anxious about it

all the numbers that have a 9 in them :P (asked by florencefckinghatesyou)

How late did you stay up last night?: idk not very late like I went to bed before midnight and I fell asleep within an hour…

Could you go for the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?: I could. I wouldn’t necessarily want to but I could.

What is the last thing you said out lot?: I assume it means loud? I’m not going to actually say because I was basically telling my flatmate how to give directions to our flat? 

Do you get stressed out easily?: sometimes. At the moment, yes. 

Do you make wishes at 11:11?: kinda

Do you have a little sister?: nope

Will next Friday be a good one?: I couldn’t possibly predict that yet. 

3, 20, 33 (asked by papermassacres)

What if I told you that you were pretty?: what if? I’d tell you you were wrong obv

What would you name your future daughter? barack obama jr that is literally what I would name any future child (I always wanted to name a girl Isabella I’d worry people thought it was because of Isa)

What do people call you?: Satan. Rory.

58: Have you ever slapped someone in the face? (asked by goldmine-owl)

I don’t think so? idk :/